Automatic Electro Permanent Lift Magnets

Supreme Magnets® Cordless Lifting Magnets

Lifton 1/2 Ton Lift Magnet

Supreme Magnets® SAFE BAT SC-P1100
Reliable & Safe Magnetic Lifting Technology

1/2 Ton Electro Permanent Lift Magnet details
1/2 Ton, 1100 Lb. Lift Magnet for your shop.
Fully Automatic, Hands-Free Operation.
Cordless battery, ELP lift magnets.

47 lbs.   7" x 9" x 10"  Small footprint

Uses: Machining, Grinding, Deburring, Shipping,
Machine Shop & Job Shop Steel Production,
Palletizing, Loading, Unloading, Moving Steel.

1/2 Ton Lifting Magnet YouTube Video

1/2 Ton Lift Magnet YouTube Video #2
Deburring, Palletizing & Shipping Department
Below-the-hook lift magnets

1/2 Ton Lifting Magnet pdf

Lifton 1 Ton Lift Magnet 
Supreme Magnets®   SC-P2000
2000lb Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet
1 Ton / 2000 Lb. Lift Magnet for your Shop.
Automatic, Hands-Free operation.
Cordless Battery ELP Lifting Magnets.

83 lbs.    9" x 9" x 14" small footprint

Saves Time: Palletizing & Shipping steel parts,
or repetitively loading & unloading steel plates.

1-Ton Lift Magnet YouTube Video

2000 Lb Lifting Magnets Specification pdf

Lifton 3000Kg Lift Magnet 
Supreme Magnets®  # SC-P6600
3 Ton Electro Permanent Lift Magnet
3 Ton / 6600 Lb. Lift Magnet for your Shop.
Automatic, Hands-Free operation.
with Remote Control hand-held unit,
Heavy Duty, Cordless Battery Lifting.

440 lbs, 10.5" w x 25.5" l x 13.5" h

3-Ton Lift Magnet Video

6600 Lb Lifting Magnet Specifications pdf

Telescoping Spreader Beam  Lifton Magnets
Supreme Magnets® Telescoping Spreader Beam
Fixed Spreader Beams & Telescoping Spreaders

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